You can reach our island through a ship service from the port of Laurio as well as from the port of Alexandroupolis. In the latter you can also find a flying dolphin service with which you can reach the island in just 75 minutes.

There are different ways to arrive at the port of Laurio (bus, train, taxi etc). To find the best one we recommend contacting an information office in Athens or a travel agency.

In order to reach Alexandroupolis you can travel by bus, train, or plane, since the city has an airport.


In order to find the “Agnanti” lodgings, once you reach the port you should take the coastal way to Therma. In a distance of about 12 klm, you will find a small port on your left and there you should turn right towards the mountain and the Therma settlement. We are on the top of the settlement at a distance of 80 m from the square.



Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη